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Matthew Goodchild of Edge Connect Says The Time Is Ripe for Entrepreneurs


Although many people attribute the rise in entrepreneurial startups as a reflection of what the global pandemic brought about, Matthew Goodchild of Edge Connect feels that this was “something we had evolved toward anyway.” Edge Connect is a marketing firm with a strong focus on the telecom sector, as, after all, information is their business.

Having had many work ventures over the years, Matthew was active during the rise of IT and telecommunications. In fact, his expertise lies in using this connectivity to help fledgling companies build brands and grow beyond what they had ever expected.

“What I see happening is that we have evolved as humans and are no longer as segregated as we once were. With the Internet and global communications being what they are, it really is like we are living in a global village. You can be meeting with a Web Developer in India via Zoom at 10 AM and by noon you are advising a startup in South Africa. It’s amazing just how connected we are, and this is why I feel we were on a path toward the rise in startups simply because we are this connected.”

Matthew also says that at one point early on in his career it was quite difficult for anyone to find decent employment without a business degree or a master’s degree within their field. “This is no longer the case because many of the courses we now need can be found freely online and as a result, it no longer costs an arm and a leg to master the industry that you are attracted to. In fact,” he continues, “many of the leading universities now offer free entry-level courses online.”

Another key point that Matthew recognizes is that consumers no longer trust mega-global corporations as they once did. “Today’s consumer wants to build a relationship with brands they deal with, and this is much more easily accomplished with a smaller business.” He believes that this shift in consumer behavior is the fuel that feeds the entrepreneurial spirit.

“Even with the connectivity available to us today, it is much harder for global corporations to staff customer reps to deal with everyday consumers. A smaller business has every opportunity to build a solid relationship with its clients and customers, especially through social media, and although it may one day grow its newfound venture to global proportions, it has learned an invaluable lesson. The business needs to stay connected.”