500 Bishop St NW, Ste A4, Atlanta, GA 30318

Over the years a more direct approach for each company has been very desirable as we offer low-risk and high-reward services.

We maintain the highest standards and are proud to work in a fun and vibrant workplace that is goal orientated.

Edge Connect Marketing has big goals, especially within the next year. Being a new company we aim to make our mark here in Atlanta and provide both customers and clients with what they need. Our main objective is to expose our client’s product and service offerings to more people throughout the Georgia area and nationally.

We aim to provide and expose all staff members with an opportunity to succeed and establish themselves within their department. In doing so, we want to aim to have more internal growth created to oversee many more campaigns, therefore, expanding our clientele and customer range. We offer a wide range of benefits, cultivate a healthy work-life balance, and create a space where employees feel heard.

We believe that a great brand ambassador creating it is at the heart of every great brand experience. High standards are only possible due to the quality of the team. Exceptional customer service is paramount, so we work with the best brand ambassadors to ensure standards are met and maintained.


Here at Edge Connect Marketing, we have big ambitions. We have plans to expand into separate offices across the country. The company CEO Matthew Goodchild started his career in London, and his working journey has taken him to New York, Chicago, and now Atlanta. We currently have a great range of clients who we are ecstatic about having on board. We want to expand our client portfolio into different industries to a point where companies in any industry will know the name ‘Edge Connect Marketing’ and will approach us when needing to revolutionize their marketing strategies and increase their customer base.

We are the best because…

Here at Edge Connect Marketing, we are so confident in our performance that we offer our clients a no-win-no fee zero risk guaranteed acquisition program with high quality of standards so we get the job done.

As part of our service, we offer comprehensive brand representation and we will effectively indirectly market your brand using your chosen graphics while directly increasing your customer base. Therefore increasing your revenue and giving that high-quality service that users deserve.

How can we help?

All of our clients are all looking to increase their sales, therefore their bottom line, and increase brand awareness.

We can help them achieve this by implementing various strategies and services that have been key when helping them grow. These are;

  1. Market launch strategies
  2. Discovering suitable marketing distribution options 
  3. Pipeline and budgeting management
  4. B2B and B2C integration for sales development
  5. Promotional events.

All of the above is carried out by enthusiastic, ambitious, and highly trained staff, who will go above and beyond for our clients.

Attention clients

Depending on your goals, whether it be a local grassroots expansion or national coverage we have the experience in both approaches to make it happen!


We aim to deliver whatever your needs are from brand awareness, customer acquisition, and impeccable customer service.

why our clients love us

We tailor our marketing according to client needs and requirements. This makes our service uniquely personalized and malleable to their specifications!

Veronica Garcia

We struggled with finding ways to recapture the interest of past purchasers, and Edge Connect helped set up a retargeting campaign that did just that. Within just 2 months, our sales and add-to-cart ratio’s doubled as more consumers were being exposed to our products. We’re grateful for the scaled marketing strategies we experienced, and would definitely use this company again for future projects.

Christian Perry

Working with Edge Connect was one of the best decisions we could have made for our business. From beginning to end, they worked with our in-house team to completely transform the way we connected with consumers. This brand revamp was exactly what we needed to stay on top after the pandemic.