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On Using Fun to Increase Productivity as Seen by Matthew Goodchild


One of the things that always brings people together is having a good time. This is something that has become a vital part of company culture in recent years. There was once a time when businesses ran competitions to see who sold the most or who had a perfect attendance record, for example, but now there is a whole new mindset that is much more effective on a company’s bottom line.

“I remember the days,” notes Matthew Goodchild, founder of Edge Connect, “when I would work long into the evening and most weekends to be the highest earning salesman on the ‘team.’” Here you hear him chuckle as he goes on to explain why that elicits a laugh. “If I’m competing with my fellow employees for the top honors, I’d hardly call us a team. It’s different in the Olympics when you are competing for that Gold Medal because you are competing for the team at the same time. Business teams lack that team-minded sense of competition and so I work harder now to bring people together where everyone wins if one person wins.”

In the end, it’s all about feeling as though that team is your family away from home. You are all working toward one goal, and that is the success of the company that signs your checks. Since Matthew likes to have fun as much as the next guy, he’s all for playing a game or two to lighten the load. “It works and anything that works has my support, 100%”