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Matthew Goodchild Looks at 3 Strategies for Business Growth

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As an entrepreneur in his own right, Matthew Goodchild knows what it takes to launch and successfully grow a business. Edge Connect is located in Atlanta, Georgia, but Matthew has served clients around the nation and even abroad. He knows what it takes to bring a company from the foundation at launch to high rates of success. “It’s all about strategies,” he notes quite simply, and here are three that have proven successful for Matthew over time.

“One of the most successful strategies of growing a business,” Matthew often notes, “is in learning the fine art, and science, of diversification.” He explains that this means fine-tuning into your market so that you are no longer an industry but a niche within. “There are even niches within niches and the more you can diversify on your business model, the finer you can tune into your market audience.”

The next strategy that Matthew espouses is expansion. Here he looks at the search giant, Google. Not only has it proven to be the most successful search engine, but Google did that by expanding its reach. He wonders if people actually know the extent of Google’s reach because “They expanded to many other industries where there was a need they could address. For example, I always tell people that there is a reason why YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world, of which there are many. It’s because YouTube is owned by Google’s parent company Alphabet, and just like Google, its search algorithms are continually changing to adapt to user search behavior.”

In addition to YouTube, Alphabet also owns Fitbit, the most popular health wearable out there. “However,” Matthew says, “it’s not only about expanding into new areas but it’s also about excelling in each and every niche you have expanded to.” Here again, it’s all about delving into that niche so that you can focus on a very precise market to capture. If there is anything Matthew Goodchild and Edge Connect are experts at, it would be analyzing and excelling in every niche they market for and to. 

Truer words of advice were never spoken. If you want to experience massive business growth, these are the three strategies that are proven to get you to the top. It’s as simple as diversifying, expanding, and excelling, to take you to the height of business growth.