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Edge Connect Views Technology of the Future Through the Lens of 2022

If there is one aspect of technology that has captured the interest of the media, it would be major advances in 5G connectivity. In fact, it was all the talk at this year’s Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona. There is a great deal of excitement building in terms of just what 5G means to literally every industry, and any product that is dependent on connectivity.

According to Matthew Goodchild, founder, and CEO of Edge Connect, “The Congress was abuzz with all the ways 5G networks will impact the world within a few short years. Not only are consumers seeking fast and reliable Internet connectivity, but they are also looking at how 5G mobile networks will enhance their UX. This is of particular interest to us at Edge Connect because we are specialists in sales and marketing for the telecom industry.”

He went on to examine a few of the highlights of the Congress in terms of the type and nature of technology that would bring major benefits in the upcoming years. “While the metaverse is still predicted at some future point, the focus was on how AI would be impacted by accelerated connectivity and how hybrid and autonomous vehicles would benefit.”

Matthew has long since been promoting a better awareness of how the digital realm will impact literally every area of our lives and has advised company founders and directors on the advantages of leveraging technology in any way possible. “We are also researching the many ways technology can help reduce our carbon footprint and since the environment is a priority in today’s culture around the globe, 5G technology can be a leader there as well. Imagine information being transmitted in nanoseconds that could prevent loss of life and property due to such things as impending superstorms or forest fires.”

If there is one aspect of IT that Edge Connect is following closely, it would be the development and employment of 5G technology in products such as mobile devices, and network connectivity. “This year’s Congress was like looking at the future through the lens of 2022 and we really loved what we saw,” he concludes.