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Edge Connect on How Georgia Is Battling Climate Change

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One of the greatest obstacles to overcome in the whole issue of global warming is the mindset that this is something in the far-off future that we really don’t need to deal with today. Unfortunately, that is a major part of why change is being brought about so slowly. In reality, it is already being evidenced.

“According to the record books,” Matthew Goodchild, founder of Edge Connect notes, “We are already seeing more than a 33% increase in the number of 90+ degree days since the 1970s. This has radical implications for Atlanta where we’ve located Edge Connect and for the entire state on more than one level.”

He goes on to explain that “To us here in Atlanta, it means we are running our air conditioners that much more and we all know that we are nowhere near where we should be on alternative fuel sources powering the production of electricity.”

He also has noted that as an agricultural state, water is of prime importance. “With global warming and climate change already on our doorstep, it’s feast or famine. Every year we are threatened by massive amounts of rain and flooding or severe droughts killing off a major portion of our crops.”

In his line of work as a marketing expert and a successful entrepreneur, he is often asked what can be done on a personal level. The problem is of global proportions so what can one individual do to affect change? Matthew’s response is quite simple, really. He says that “We can educate ourselves by reading the massive amounts of information posted on sites of high authority in the technical sections online. We can walk more, carpool, and take mass transit whenever possible.”

“But oddly, here is something else I’ve come across most recently in reading through Earth Day publications is that if we were to forego eating meat just one day a week it would be equivalent to not driving our car for five whole weeks.” This he learned when reading that 11% of our greenhouse gases are attributed to agriculture, primarily cattle.

Matthew believes that everyone can play a part in mitigating the damages done to this amazing planet by doing just one small thing. “If it means taking mass transit to work, so be it. If it means going without meat one or two days a week, then pasta really isn’t sounding all that bad.” Matthew Goodchild and Edge Connect are committed to being an instrument of change and in his work as a marketing professional, he is using every vehicle in his control to spread the message. Change can only come about if we are all committed.