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From start to finish, the professional team of Edge will evaluate your brand to craft the perfect growth plan. Our strategies are specially tailored to each client’s unique product and service – you can trust our team to take full control of your campaigns.



We’ll study your market and competitors through full market analysis to see how we can bring your brand to the top. Our A/B testing will ensure the proper strategy is being put into action for your unique brand.



We’re not here for short-term wins. The Edge Connect team is here for the long haul, to ensure your brand experiences consistent results for long-term growth.

our growth goals

Double in size within 6 months of operation
Minimum of 10% increase in monthly receivables
Attain 5 new geographic markets within the first quarter, with growth goals of 2 new geographic markets per quarter
Hire based on new client geographic growth, our team expansion will focus on adding innovative people, expansive thinkers, and market leaders

a mission for quality

Our goal is to increase our client’s brand awareness, build long-lasting customer relations, and provide a constant stream of high-quality customers. A simple conversation between a customer and brand representative can have a long last impact on 2 things. Firstly whether they become a customer in the first place and secondly ensuring that the customer is a long-term customer that becomes locked into the brand itself, benefits from the service/product, and ultimately becomes a brand advocate. 

Our business model is malleable based on our client’s products and services. So we can accommodate a variety of industries – however, we specialize in the telecommunications sector working with assurance wireless, AT&T, and Verizon.

We at Edge Connect Marketing believe in a more traditional form of marketing; we believe that long-term business relationships are forged on a face-to-face level.

Our clients want to stand out in the global marketplace. So we provide them with a unique marketing solution. It’s our pledge to our clients to provide a better return on investment for their hard-earned capital than if they were to use solely invest in an indirect marketing channel! Indirect marketing channels are hard to gauge effectiveness. This is why we focus only on marketing channels where we can monitor tangible insights and engagement levels of customers.

outsource to edge connect and experience an influx of new customers and brand exposure across atlanta and beyond.


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